Farmhouse Inn Zenzaemon

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Traditional old house inn where you can experience the history and nature of the Aizu-Yonezawa Kaido road.

The Seki District, at the boundary of Yamagata Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture, was once heavily traveled as people used the Aizu-Yonezawa Kaido road.
You can still see vestiges of the road throughout the district while enjoying the variety of hospitality unique to the Seki District, which is blessed with nature.
Meals featuring plenty of local mountain vegetables and fresh vegetables are an attraction of this inn.
We hope that you will spend a relaxing country life while learning about the history of our area.

Farmhouse Inn Zenzaemon

Our inn is a 130-year old traditional home that has been renovated.

There are plenty of opportunities to interact with nature throughout the year.
Woodlands right behind the inn
Woodlands extend right behind the inn. Monkeys come to play sometimes.
Farm life experience nurtures energy to live.
A sign stating, "Farm life experience for nurturing energy to live" greets visitors.
inbound visitors
We are actively accepting inbound visitors.
Experience country life at Yonezawa where nature and history abound.
Farmhouse Inn Zenzaemon
Farmhouse Inn Zenzaemon Toshikatsu and Kinuko Okazaki

Our woodland is located at the source of the Mogami River, at the very southern end of Yamagata Prefecture.
We are blessed with abundant nature and history. Date Masamune, known familiarly as One-Eyed Dragon and his retainer, Hasekura Tsunenaga from the Sendai Domain, who traveled to Spain and Rome under orders from Masamune, were born here.
There are various natural, historical, and seasonal experiences in the Seki District that you cannot try during your everyday life.
We are a family-atmosphere inn. We hope you will relax and enjoy your stay.

Rates and Hours
Basic Rates One night and two meals  ¥7,500/adult (tax inclusive)
Options Various experiences: ¥1,500 to ¥2,000
Payment Cash only, Pay at Inn
Hours Check-in: 15:00 (Negotiable)
Check-out: 10:00 (Negotiable)
Other information
Cancellation Policy Day of arrival: 100% of lodging fees
Rooms Rooms

Max. 8 people

Two Japanese-style rooms with futon bedding

Amenities Soap, body soap, shampoo (including 2-in-1 shampoo), conditioner, hairdryer
Facilities Toilet, shower, bath, kitchen, refrigerator, dishes, A/C, fan, washing machine (free), laundry pole, television
Bathing Facilities Bathroom available
Hot spring facility located nearby (Shuttle available) Shirabu Onsen, Onogawa Onsen
Others Pets allowed
No smoking
Meals Meals Meals

Enjoy country dishes featuring bountiful home-grown vegetables and local mountain vegetables.

[Example of dinner menu]
Simmered dish, tempura, meat roll, Chawanmushi egg custard, seasonal vegetables, kanten(Agar), etc.

Recommended Points at and around the Inn
Onsen Tengendaikogen Otaka Poppo

[Activities at our Inn] ■Agricultural experience
* Crops: Rice, vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, potatoes, etc.)
* Work: Furrowing, rice planting, harvesting, mountain vegetable picking, etc.

■Nature experience
* Stroll through satoyama woodlands.
* Play with snow and make snowmen.

* Experience food and lifestyle culture, such as rice cake pounding.
* Take a walk through the town to learn the local history.

[Activities in the Area] * Experiences in Seki District
[Spring] All-you-can-eat cherry plan at local cherry orchard / Fresh mountain vegetable festival
[Autumn] Autumn festival / Grape and apple picking at local fruit orchard plan
[Winter] Experience snow country fun with plentiful snow

* Other experiences in this area
・Otaka Poppo painting experience (reservations required)
・Koma (Japanese top) painting experience
・Sutra copying experience (reservations required)
・Tour of Onogawa Onsen rice paddy art
・Trekking at Tengendaikogen
・Yonezawa Hatto (Eight Onsens) Shirabu Otaki

From the Inn
From the Inn

Enjoy country dishes such as mountain vegetables and vegetables grown in a lush natural environment.

Farmhouse Inn Zenzaemon
Address 270 Oaza Seki, Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture 992-1472
Tel +81-238-38-4156 / +81-90-3126-9789
Fax +81-238-38-4156
Access Approx. 30 minutes from Yonezawa- Hachimanpara IC on Tohoku-Chuo Expressway
* Pick-up/drop-off: Available
* Parking spaces for 8 cars