Farmhouse Inn Matsube

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Treasuring each new meeting Kurokawa Noh and Local Foods

Our farmhouse inn has been a guardian of "Kurokawa Noh" for many years.
Our Shojin-style vegetarian meals feature local produce. Please enjoy a relaxing stay in our old-style farmhouse.

Farmhouse Inn Matsube

Gently inheriting tradition as though protected by Dewa Sanzan, Three Mountains of Dewa.
Enjoy the country landscape that surrounds our inn.

Tsuyahime rice, Sakuranbo cherries, Shonai persimmons, and
Vegetables freshly picked from our home garden.
Savor our satisfying taste of home and country-style cooking.
Farmhouse Inn Matsube
Our large Japanese-style rooms are unique to country inns. You'll learn the history of Kurokawa Noh through photo displays.
Enjoy tea time with traditional mochi sweets "Katamochi". (Photo shows mochi sliced into rectangular pieces being naturally dried.)
Suien no Noh
Suien no Noh. It’s about a 7-minute drive from the inn to the Tsuruoka Kushibiki Sogo Undo Koen. Here, you can watch a performance of "Kurokawa Noh", which has been designated as a national important intangible folk cultural property.
We work closely and support each other in our farming while operating our farmhouse inn in the Kurokawa district.
Farmhouse Inn Matsube Shigeharu and Sumiko Kenmochi
Farmhouse Inn Matsube Shigeharu and Sumiko Kenmochi

We are true Shonai people, born and raised in the home of Kurokawa Noh.
We await you with our gentle and heartwarming Shonai dialect.

Rates and Hours
Basic Rates One night and two meals \7,500/person (tax included)
One night without meals \4,500/person (tax included)
One night with breakfast \6,500/person (tax included)
One night with dinner \7,000/person (tax included)
Payment Cash only, Pay at Inn
Hours Check-in: 16:00 (Negotiable)
Check-out: 10:00 (Negotiable)
Other information Lunch From \1,000/person (tax exclusive)
Lunch with Japanese mitten crab From \1,000/person (tax exclusive) * Limited time between September and December.
Cancellation Policy Date of arrival: 100% of lodging fees
* Rates are subject to change.

Max. 5 people

Only Japanese-style room with futon bedding

Amenities Body soap, shampoo (including 2-in-1 shampoo), conditioner, hair dryer
Facilities Warm water bidet toilet, shower, bath, fan, washing machine, laundry pole, hangers, heating
Bathing Facilities Bathroom available
Hot spring facility located nearby (Shuttle available) Kushibiki Onsen Yu-TOWN
Others Pets allowed
Smoking allowed
Meals Benkei Meshi Dinner

★ Kurokawa Original Dinner
Our meals feature abundant mountain vegetables and home-grown vegetables. Enjoy a meal of seasonal and traditional Shonai dishes including freshly pounded mochi, shimi-dofu, Gassan dake bamboo shoots, and Harihari pickles.

★ Ogisai Special Menu Until Feb. 2 noon: Shojin vegetarian cuisine Feb. 2 night: Shojin oroshi (traditionally kandara, cold cod, is eaten)

Benkei Meshi (photo: onigiri rice ball wrapped in green leaf and grilled) is served during Kurokawa Noh. Benkei Meshi is available upon request.

Our meals feature home-grown vegetables, which have been prepared and seasoned with traditional methods. Sakuranbo cherries and Shonai persimmons are served for dessert. Please enjoy the flavors of Shonai.

Recommended Points at and around the Inn
Kata-mochi (preserved mochi) Mt. Chokai

[Activities at our Inn] Sakuranbo cherry picking, mountain vegetable picking experience, sasamaki (rice cake in bamboo leaf) cooking class, kata-mochi preparation. Negotiable (excluding summer season)

[Activities in the Area] Kurokawa Noh no Sato, Ogi Kaikan (* Kurokawa Noh and Shimai performances on request (Reservations required) Kasuga Shrine, Local Culture Preservation and Learning Center, Kurokawa Noh performance (Ogisai, Suien no Noh, etc.)
Furusato Mura Houya (soba noodle making experience), Akagawa Fireworks Show, Mt. Haguro Five-storied Pagoda, Matsugaoka-kaikonjou, Chido Museum, hiking/skiing at Mt. Chokai, fruit picking at fruit farm (introduced at Sanchoku Agri)

From the inn
Farmhouse Inn Matsube

Our inn is ideal for stays during the Kurokawa Noh festivals and events, and when you just want a leisurely stay in the countryside.
We look forward to meeting you.

Farmhouse Inn Matsube
Address 175-3 Aza Tsubaide, Kurokawa, Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture
TEL +81-235-57-2686
FAX +81-235-57-2686
Access By car
* Approx. 10 min. from Shonai Asahi IC
By public transport
From S-MALL Bus Terminal, take Tsuruoka Matsune Line bus to Kamimatsune, and get off at "Hashimoto". Approx. 4 min. walk from bus stop.
* Pick-up/drop-off: Available
* Parking spaces for 8 cars