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NOUKA NO OYADO Association

Message from "NOUKA NO OYADO Association"

"NOUKA NO OYADO Association" was started up on August 7, 2018 by active farmers in Yamagata Prefecture operating energetic inns. This Association is a cooperative venue for sharing information on the charm of farmhouse inns to many people.

We provide information on "new lifestyles" through fun and diverse inns that provide opportunities to experience local life and agriculture unique to Yamagata, and to have exchanges with the people who live here.

When thinking of "Accommodations", most people think of hotels or Japanese-style ryokan inns, and find farmhouse inns difficult to approach. Our Association aims to resolve your questions and worries, and instead introduce you to heartwarming experiences and the charm of Yamagata.

We hope you'll find your "Favorite Inn" from among our variety of farmhouse inns.

"NOUKA NO OYADO Association" members

The "NOUKA NO OYADO Association" is comprised of individual members of the Yamagata Prefecture Green Tourism Promotion Council who have "Permits for Simple Lodging under the Hotel and Ryokan Management Law

The Council manages this site and handles general inquiries regarding the "NOKA NO OYADO Association".

For more information on the Council, please visit the "Yamagata Green Tourism" website at http://gt-yamagata.com/.

Notice to owners of farmhouse inns in Yamagata Prefecture.

Our Association welcomes owners of farmhouse inns in Yamagata Prefecture. Won't you join us to increase farmhouse inn use? Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

For more information:
Yamagata Prefecture Green Tourism Promotion Council, Secretariat
1-7-48 Matsuei, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture (Yamagata Prefecture Land Improvement Hall Annex)