Inns with Enjoyable Activities
Farmers who run farmhouse inns in Yamagata have gathered to create the “NOUKA NO OYADO Association”.
We have different styles of inns, but our sentiments are united.
We hope that you will visit Yamagata, a treasure trove of nature and delicious food, and experience our hospitality.
Come learn about the farmhouse inns, experience simple country life, and have a fun stay.
We welcome you to come stay at our variety of inns.

 Here at the farmhouse inns, you can participate in various nature and farming adventures. You are bound to have a wonderful unique experience that will add a new essence to your daily life.
Feel the nature-rich mountains, rivers, land, and people, and create a joyful experience. 

Don’t just spend the night ? Enjoy the experience

NOUKA NO OYADO Association
NOUKA NO OYADO Association
Farmhouse Inn Guide
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