Farmhouse Inn Harukaze

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Farmhouse inn surrounded by an extraordinary display of 150 dahlias!

Sakegawa Village is encompassed by abundant water and greenery. Within the peaceful landscape, you will find “Farmhouse Inn Harukaze” and its garden overflowing with various brightly colored flowers. In addition to farming experience activities, flower picking and dahlia bulb harvesting are popular with women visitors. Soothe your soul with the beauty of flowers and nature.

Farmhouse inn surrounded by an extraordinary display of 150 dahlias!

Behind the inn, you will find a flower garden with multiple varieties and a vegetable garden where guests can experience harvesting. The “Kosugi no Osugi,” known for resembling Totoro from the movie “My Neighbor Totoro” nearby.

Accommodations are limited to one group per day.
Relax and enjoy yourself without minding anyone else.
The garden, home to 150 dahlia flowers, chrysanthemums, Christmas roses, and pineapple lilies, etc., has been the inn owner’s hobby for more than 25 years.
Vegetables, including daikon radishes, imonoko (taro potato), cucumbers, and eggplants, can be harvested in the garden. In June, sansai (mountain vegetables) such as warabi (Japanese bracken) can be gathered nearby.
the decorations and souvenirs found
Friends and neighbors brought the decorations and souvenirs found around the inn. Each item is unique, and just looking at them will make you forget the time.
Farmhouse inn adorned with seasonal flowers
Farmhouse Inn Harukaze  Sueharu Araki Kyouko Araki
Farmhouse Inn Harukaze
Sueharu Araki Kyouko Araki

Come experience quiet farmhouse life with us at our farmhouse in Sakegawa Village. Our garden announces the seasons with a variety of blooming flowers. Enjoy the spring greenery, autumn colors, and winter snow scenes. In the spring, you can harvest moso bamboo shoots in front of our inn.

Rates and Hours
Basic Rates Overnight stay only
¥7,000/night (tax inclusive), With two meals
With farming experience activities
¥10,000/night (tax inclusive), With three meals
* Please reserve within one week before your arrival date.
 Lunch is also available. (Reservations required, from ¥1,500)
Payment Cash only, Pay at Inn
Hours Check-in:
Overnight stay only: 15:00
With farming experience activity: 15:00
Overnight stay only: 10:00
With farming experience activity: 15:00
Other information 2 or more people are required to stay
Cancellation Policy Date of arrival: 100% of lodging fees
* Rates are subject to change.
Japanese-style rooms Japanese-style rooms the decorations and souvenirs found
Max. 7 people
Two Japanese-style rooms with futon bedding
Limited to one group per day
Amenities soap,body soap, shampoo (including 2-in-1 shampoo),conditioner,hair dryer
Facilities Hot water wash toilet,shower,bath,A/C,washing machine,clothes line,Internet (wireless LAN),hangers
Bathing Facilities Bathroom available
Hot spring facilities available nearby (pick-up/drop-off available)
Hanesawa Onsen, Ikiiki Land Ponpokan
Others Pets not allowed
No smoking
dinner imonoko-jiru soba
• Dishes featuring fresh ingredients
• Sansai (mountain vegetable) and seasonal vegetable tempura
• Owner’s signature handmade soba
• Homemade organic vegetables
• Soups include kujira-jiru soup in the spring, mizu-jiru soup in the summer, and imonoko-jiru soup in the winter.
Lunch is available.
Recommended Points at and around the Inn
Imonoko (taro potato) harvesting Kosugi no Osugi

[Activities at our Inn] • Warabi (Japanese bracken) harvesting (May to June)
• Vegetable harvesting (organic vegetables such as cucumber, eggplant, moroheiya (Mulukhiyah, Jew’s mallow), etc.) (June to September)
• Flower picking (dahlia, chrysanthemum, etc.) (July to September)
• Imonoko (taro potato) harvesting (October)
• Dahlia bulb harvesting (November)
* The harvested vegetables and sansai (mountain vegetables) can be prepared for you.
* Please confirm the available experience activities when making reservations.
[Activities in the Area] • Hanesawa Onsen
• Sakegawa EcoPark
• Kosugi no Osugi
• Yone Wetlands
• Yozou no Mori

From the Inn
Araki Sueharu・kyouko
We hope you will have a relaxing stay and enjoy our omotenashi hospitality as we share meals.
Farmhouse Inn Harukaze
Address 1793 Nakawatari, Sakegawa, Mogami-gun, Yamagata 999-5205
Tel +81-233-55-2342
Fax +81-233-55-2342
  • Access by car
  • Approx. 20 minutes by car from Tohoku Chuo Expressway Shinjo IC
  • Access by shinkansen or train
  • Approx. 40 minutes by car from Ou Honsen Shinjo Station
★ Pick-up/drop-off: Not available
★ Parking spaces for 10 cars