Farmhouse Inn Kiyottei

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Quiet inn where you can spend relaxing time while listening to the music of the Akagawa River.

"Farmhouse Inn Kiyottei" is located right by the Akagawa River, which flows to the Japan Sea. It is about a 5-minute drive to Kurokawa Noh "ougi hall".
(Kurokawa Noh“ougi hall”is the facilities where the display function, the event and the training which introduce important intangible folk cultural properties "Kurokawa Noh" )

The okami hostess has opened up her birth home, a single farmhouse with tiled roof, as a farmhouse inn. Here you can learn about the historic Kurokawa Noh, and savor Japanese mitten crab, nature's treat available only during limited times of the year.
"Yasuragi Koen", famous for its cherry trees is also located nearby. Kiyottei is the perfect base for watching Kurokawa Noh and sightseeing in the Kurokawa district.

Farmhouse Inn Kiyottei

About a 5-minute drive to Kurokawa Noh no Sato Ogi Kaikan, Kiyottei is convenient for sightseeing at Mt. Haguro.
Hanami cherry blossom viewing at "Yasuragi Koen", famous for its cherry trees, and walks along the river are also recommended.

The rooms are located in a Hanare annex, so you can spend private quiet time.
Paintings of Kurokawa Noh
The okami hostess has long supported Kurokawa Noh. The paintings and calligraphy she has created are worth seeing. Please come see them up close.
Picture books about Kurokawa Noh
Picture books about Kurokawa Noh, that everyone from young to old can enjoy, are also available for purchase.
we host students from overseas
We have fun international exchanges as we host students from overseas, etc.
We are a cozy inn where people feel as though it is their own home.
Farmhouse Inn Kiyottei Kaoru Akiyama
Farmhouse Inn Kiyottei  Kaoru Akiyama

Detailed tours on Kurokawa Noh, performed in this Kurokawa district are available.
The rooms are located in a Hanare annex, so you can spend private quiet time.

Rates and Hours
Basic Rates One night and two meals \7,500 / person (tax included)
One night without meals \4,500 / person (tax included)
One night with breakfast \6,500 / person (tax included)
One night with dinner \7,000 / person (tax included)
Payment Cash only, Pay at Inn
Hours Check-in: 16:00 (Negotiable)
Check-out: 10:00(Negotiable)
Other information Lunch From \1,000/person (tax exclusive)
Lunch with Japanese mitten crab From \1,000/person (tax exclusive)
* Limited time between September and December.
Cancellation Policy Date of arrival: 100% of lodging fees
* Rates are subject to change.

Max. 5 people

Two Japanese-style rooms with futon bedding

Amenities Towel, bath towel, soap, body soap, shampoo (including 2-in-1 shampoo), conditioner, comb/brush, hair dryer
Facilities Warm water bidet toilet, shower, bath, refrigerator, dishes, a/c, fan, washing machine, laundry pole, hangers
Bathing Facilities Bathroom available
Hot spring facilities located nearby (Shuttle negotiable)
Kushibiki Onsen Yu-TOWN, Yupoka, Katakuri Onsen Bonbo, etc.
Others Pets allowed (negotiable, conditional)
Smoking allowed (designated areas)
Meals Meals

Local cuisine, seasonal fruit dessert, fresh Japanese mitten crab from Akagawa (limited time)

Recommended Points at and around the Inn
Shonai persimmons Kurokawa Noh

[Activities at our Inn] Japanese pear picking, persimmon picking, rice planting, rice harvesting experience
Kirie paper cutting experience, stories about Kurokawa Noh

[Activities in the Area] Kurokawa Noh no Sato, Ogi Kaikan (* Kurokawa Noh and Shimai performances on request (Reservations required)
Kasuga Shrine, Local Culture Preservation and Learning Center, Kurokawa Noh performance (Ogisai, Suien no Noh, etc.)
Furusato Mura Houya (soba noodle making experience), Akagawa Fireworks Show, Mt. Haguro Five-storied Pagoda, Matsugaoka-kaikonjou, Chido Museum, hiking /skiing at Mt. Chokai

From the inn
Farmhouse Inn Kiyottei

We hope you will enjoy our inn as though you were staying at your country relative's home, and will have a unique farmhouse inn experience.

Farmhouse Inn Kiyottei
Address 283 Kawara Aza-Osugi, Kurokawa, Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture
TEL +81-90-2883-3589
Access Approx. 10 minutes by car from Yamagata Expressway Shonai Asahi IC.
Approx. 25 minutes by car from Tsuruoka Station
From Tsuruoka Station, take Matsune Line bus (Get off at Kushibiki Onsen Yu-TOWN or Osugi)
* Pick-up/drop-off: Negotiable
* Parking spaces for 10 cars (5 cars when there is snow)